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From automotive to electronic and packaging applications, Straub Designís engineers have created proven solutions for automated taping equipment.  These systems have applied a wide variety of tapes including die cut tapes and labels, and have been integrated into existing lines at a variety of speeds.

Tape applicators can be mounted on your machine or they can be furnished as a complete material handling system including automatic feeding of the product and automatic unloading or restacking.

Straub Design now offers applicators for solar tapes.  Models are available for conductive tapes, butyl and VHB tapes.  Straub Design has your solar application solution.

Straub Design also builds complete web converting systems from pilot lines to complete production systems to reduce your costs for speeds up to 2000' per minute and 48" wide for unwind/rewind, splicing, accurate tension control, slitting, folding, gluing, cut-off, laser cutting, heated and chilled rolls, die cutting and laminating. 
  Check out our new web cleaner options!

Straubís professional engineering staff designs and builds automatic assembly machines to meet your specifications.  From simple machines to complex systems, we deliver solutions based on your unique business needs.  Contact us to discuss how your business will benefit from automatic assembly machines customized for your business.

Conductive, VHB & Sealing Tape Applicators For The Solar & Window Industry


Protective Tape Applicators

Printed Tape Labels &  Label Applicators

Tape Applicators For Envelopes &
Packaging & Custom Applications


Custom Taping Solutions -
Round Surfaces, Pad Applicators,
Tape Splicers, Film Laminators

Hand Tape Dispensers

Web Converting Equipment Including Splicers, Cleaners, Unwinds & Rewinds


Assembly Machines & Integrated Systems

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